September 6, 2018

Roll Tide, 2018


Every year I try to get photos of our kids in their Alabama gear for the season. I've remembered almost every year since Cayden was an itty bitty thing. There are a few years that I somehow managed not to share on the blog — like last year. Instagram usually saves me then. I love watching our kiddos grow and yearly photos like this are such a special way to do it.

Also, taking photos of the kids is getting more, um, interesting. You should see the silly dances and hear the amount of yelling that goes on just trying to get them to all look at the same general area.

If you'd like to visit year's past, please enjoy: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

August 21, 2018

Graham: First Day of 4K, 2018


Graham ran-walked down the stairs and into the kitchen this morning and quietly exclaimed, "I'm just so excited about today!" He's been looking forward to school since they let out in May. I'm thankful that his school started earlier this year than it did last year. I spent almost a month telling Graham that he couldn't go to school yet. But only a two week delay this year since brothers started? All the thumbs ups!

I didn't even think to be sad this morning... until I read a couple of other preschool mom friends post it this way: It's his last first day of preschool. (Thanks Laura and Amy! With sarcasm!)

Next year he goes off to big kid school. And I'm sure he'll be just as excited about that, too. No worries, though, he's already told me that he's never ever moving out and that he loves me to infinity. I'll take that for as long as I can get it. (As a side note, his older brothers have also told me that they're never moving out. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Yet.)

August 17, 2018

Tatum's Second Unicorn Birthday


Several months ago, I saw unicorn decorations at Target and declared that Tatum would have a unicorn birthday party. She really only has strong opinions about Minnie Mouse and poop in her diaper, so choosing a theme for her again this year seemed acceptable.

Once I decided on unicorns, I started seeing unicorn cakes everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I thought to myself, "Hey self, you can make one of those!" And then I thought about it a little harder. Watched some YouTube videos on how to do it. Freaked myself out. And even contemplated ordering one from Publix. (Starting at $75? Yeah, not happening!)

Originally I thought I'd make the horn and ears from fondant as the video I had watched suggested. And while I think I probably could have done it, I took the easy way out and ordered a horn/ear/eyelash set from Amazon for a very fair price. The only thing that remained was creating the mane of unicorn hair. Out of icing. Multiple colors of icing. I saved that until the absolute last minute and was so thrilled with how it came out!

Birthday girl was adorable in the dress her Nana bought her. Surprisingly, she also left the unicorn horn on for much longer than we thought she would. There was a little struggle with blowing out the candles, but everyone jumped in to help her.

Opening presents at two years old is perfection. Tatum still loved the bags and tissue paper, but she also understood that there were even things more magical under them. Oh, and the fiesta wasn't complete until all the cousins got in the tiny unicorn pool. It was such a great day!

August 7, 2018

Cayden & Sawyer: First Day of School, 2018


Earlier this year when we sold our house, we weren't entirely sure we were going to get into another home in time to start the school year in our beloved schools. Thankfully everything worked out and the boys were able to stay in the same school district and officially started fourth and second grade this morning.

This is their first year to ride the bus in the mornings. Sawyer's bus picked up at 6:29 last year and we just weren't quite ready for that commitment. This year? Both boys have pick up times right at 7... and the pick up is literally in our driveway. We thought it was going to be across the street — which we were thrilled about! Imagine our joy this morning when we realized it was in our own. The boys also think it's pretty cool.

Everyone says they had a great first day. And I think they're looking forward to going back tomorrow. Whew.

March 22, 2018

the cove: kitchen


Why not break back into blogging with a good before and after? Right? Those first three photos above are from the day we closed on our current home. Other than the Zaxby's trash on the counters, ALL of that was left in the cabinets and drawers from the previous homeowners. Most of it was donated, except for the electric griddle sitting up on the bar. We use that at least every other weekend to make huge batches of pancakes. And it's awesome. So thanks previous homeowners!

White cabinets are my jam, y'all. And the combination of the white cabinets in the kitchen along with several other things (sizeable guest bedrooms!), had us pumped about buying this house. The black counters and backsplash were not... our favorites. We also knew we wanted some open shelving somewhere.

It's funny how when you decide you want to sell your house, you find the time and the money to make your dreams happen. We started this kitchen renovation last September? Maybe October? Thinking we'd list our house last fall. We were a little ambitious. Ha! Anyway, I love pretty much everything about our kitchen now. It's light and bright and airy...


... and if all goes well, we'll be leaving it at the end of next month. With six people living in a three bed, two bath home, it's starting to get a little, um, cramped. And with three little boys needing to poop at the same time more often than not, we're in desperate need of at least one more toilet. Another bedroom (or two) wouldn't hurt either. But, in the meantime, we're enjoying our beautiful kitchen.

What are some things you love in a kitchen? Is subway tile your thing? Fan of open shelving? (My dad thoroughly dislikes ours, but that's ok. We love them!)
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